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Chapter 7 Side Story: Twisted

  • It was a dark and stormy night. The lightning flashed in the sky as if there was a war going on. The bullets fired in the dark clouds only revealing its light. The sound of the bombs exploding, leaving echoes with cries of horror going on forever. The ringing in your ears as if a gun was fired right beside your head. The sky is crying for peace, but it's very elusive.
  • "You're the only one that seems to cry for me," says Arthur.
  • While looking at the sky with agony, 14-year-old Arthur Jones, was about to make the most horrifying mistake of his life. Standing on the edge of the embrasure.....
  • They say that every Halloween The Shell takes over the mind of a teenager. A night when all hope seems lost. The rainstorm, and the sound of thunder. "Why?" You asked. No one knows for sure, but maybe this story may shiver your core.
  • In the mid-1800s there was a ball. Every wealthy person attended this event. It was for Halloween of course, where you dance, drink, and all the things rich people did. A woman named Alice and her soon-to-be husband Walter was having the time of their lives together. Sitting far left in the corner, a man named Charles Jones had the eyes for Alice. He was considered an outcast among many people in the town, mainly because most of his money was used upon alcohol. On this particular night, he became someone different or rather something different.
  • Charles wanted Alice to be his. Since she was soon to be wedded, Charles killed Alice. If he couldn't have her neither could Walter. Few months passed, and Walter's mind started to go mad. Having lost his beloved he vowed he'd find the one who murdered his Alice. One day while walking in the woods Walter ran into a woman in a black cloak. As he walked past her the woman sensed the darkness in his heart. Without Walter noticing she used an eyepiece to look into his past. Now having seen what had happened, she decided to manipulate the already broken and grieving man. Filling his heart with hate and giving him dreams of what life would have been like with Alice.
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