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The Garden

The Garden

Bwa Drè

Update: 2020-11-24

Chapter 1 Story 1 A Promise Made

  • Once upon a time, there was The Garden. A place where all animals of a kind were at peace. This place was created by a boy years ago that came from the sky. There he met a rabbit and a fox. It was said he saw the friendship between the two animals. This sight gave him an idea. So with the flash of his golden eyes, he created The Garden. The animals were curious. And with it, the Tree of Life was born into the center of the forest. An Eternal Spring sprouted from the tree. The animals later drank the water, gaining the ability to speak. The animals cheered with glee. The boy told the animals about his great adventures and the many friends he made along the way. The animals were intrigued. The boy decided to stay for a while. He taught them about the outside world along with the dangers. The animals were horrified. But he told them do not to fear because this Garden will protect them and his spirit will always be with them since they drank from The Tree of Life. The animals were relieved. And then the day came for his departure. He told the animals he had stopped here to rest for his adventures were far from over. The animals were sad. Before the boy left he told them, he'd decided to make this place his home when his adventures are over. This he promised. The animals were overjoyed. Before the boy disappeared into the sky, he told them to value one another and never forget what he taught them. 
  • "Until then my friends, farewell."
  • The end.
  • "Read it again grandpa."
  • "Yeah, read it again grandpa."
  • "Oh, I think that's enough for tonight." 
  • "But I really like the story."
  • "Can you read it again tomorrow night?"
  • "Absolutely. I will always read it when you ask. All right off you kids go, time for bed."
  • "Grandpa, can you sing that song again to us?"
  • "Ok, but you both have to promise me to go to bed."
  • "We promise."
  • "We promise."
  • "The Garden, a peaceful place, where we could be friends, welcome to Eden, welcome to Eden.
  • Can you feel the Light in the air? 
  • It will steal you away. Let it be your guide, and then you'll find The Garden near the tide. 
  • We'll welcome you with open arms.
  • And The Garden will shelter you from harm.
  • Welcome to Eden, welcome to Eden,
  • Welcome to The Garden."
  • And with that the old fox shut the door to the kid's room, he slowly makes his way around his house. There an old blind rabbit sits in a wooden chair near a fireplace. He then makes his way to the fireplace, where he takes a seat on a wooden chair next to the rabbit. And speaks.
  • "Can you feel that old friend? 
  • "Yes, my dear friend. It appears he plans to arrive tomorrow. As elders, it's our job to welcome him home."
  • "Indeed."
  • Later on the fireplace mantel, a picture of a boy sits there. He is surrounded by all the animals of The Garden. Smiling.