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Chapter 35 Special Chapter

  • Author's POV
  • 3 months later...
  • "Get out of my sight, Clein! Get out!” Clein has his two arms in front of him and is receiving Andy's fists which are constantly punching.
  • "Ouch! Baby! I’ll just stay here, please! I'll just cover my face with a blanket so you can't see!" And Clein quickly ran to their bed and covered himself. Clein felt the surroundings because there was a sudden silence but only for a moment.
  • Clein quickly turned around when he heard Andy's sob in the corner.
  • "Baby... hush now. Alright, I’ll go ahead I'll just leave, stay here in the bed," Clein had nothing else to do against his wife who was currently nearing childbirth, so that's why she’s acting like this.
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