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Chapter 31 Showtime

  • CLEIN hugged me when Sophie suddenly appeared. I saw how she hesitated to look at me.
  • "Clein! The guards are approaching!" she said. Clein pecks a kiss on my lips first and he hugged me tightly and walked out. I noticed it returned the silly look and looked like nothing good to do.
  • I look at Sophie to thank her, but she can't still look at me.
  • "S-sophie, thank you for your help," I said, and that made her turned to me and there was a trace of remorse on her face.
  • "There's nothing that can top off with what I've done to you, Andy. I'm one of those who ruined your life, so please forgive me," I noticed that she was already in tears. I quickly approached her and held her hand outside the railing.
  • "It’s enough, Sophie. You brought Clein back and that's a big help. I hope you'll still help us," smiling, she wiped away her tears.
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