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Chapter 26 Suspects

  • I IMMEDIATELY got dressed to go to Clein's house. I need to confirm something. Clein’s life is on the line here.
  • I left the house and immediately rode a cab, I never told Clein that I was going to their house. In that way, I will know the truth. I don't want to be an idiot.
  • Just a few minutes later, I’m already close to Clein's house. I got off the cab on the side of their house. I looked at where all their CCTVs were stationed. I didn’t enter the gate, instead I climbed a tree beside their wall and jump to their yard. Well, like I used to do before. That’s why, I didn’t have too much trouble doing this.
  • When I jumped, as I conclude, I fell in their small garden. I looked around and there might be guards. I also saw where the CCTVs were placed, and it was exactly right I remembered it to be, and there was a dark spot where I can move freely and can camouflage me as I’m wearing a black hoody jacket and black pants.
  • I slowly walked, feeling my back on the wall as I head towards the back of Clein's house. And when I got to the end, I hid in a big meadow when a maid came out from a door, carrying a trash bag.
  • And she just left the door open, so I quickly went in there. And I immediately sat down when I saw someone cooking, so I came in the kitchen. I slowly make my move and I hid myself below the kitchen counter top so I couldn’t be seen, the cook is just beside the counter top I’m hiding. I waited for time to come out, and when the cook bent over to look something from the cabinet underneath it, I took that a chance to escape and I walked calmly.
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