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Chapter 20 Clein is in Danger

  • ANDY’s POV
  • ALL I can see right now is Caoro who is smirking at me that just make me want to rip his head off.
  • I was getting ready when the organizer in the middle of Caoro and I spoke, "In 1, 2, 3, fight!" I didn't move and let him approach me first.
  • "C'mon, Andy, fight me," he said sarcastically to me. I just looked at him lifelessly to show him that he’s not making me thrilled to fight him, so he was irritated and he was the first to approach me.
  • Just as he was about to punch, I alerted myself. I immediately grabbed his fist as it was about to land on me. I flipped it over on my back causing him to get closer to me. His head went to my side and I immediately punch his neck and then I kicked his leg that made him sat down. And then with one punch in the head. He passed out.
  • I hissed in the air at how weak he is, easy. And I immediately heard the shouts and screams of the spectators. When I’m going down from the Battle Arena, I saw Clein turn to me and the others, I could see the shock on their faces and while still staring. When I approached them, they were still staring at me. Unable to process what happened.
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