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Chapter 11 Crumbled

  • ANDY’s POV
  • I WOKE up feeling something caressing my face. I opened my eyes and saw Clein's worried face looking at me, so I woke up immediately.
  • "What happened? Are you in pain?" Clein asked immediately, worried. Zach and Nica also approached me.
  • "Earlier, my head suddenly hurt, then I saw images flashing on my brain. Four boys, people with different weapons, blood flowing... Then I... I'm the one to blame... I,” I couldn't help but cry as the images finally shone on me and I remembered that it was as if a water had submerged due to the rain and its stopping at the same time as the sunrise which illuminated the water again through its rays.
  • "Do you remember... Do you remember us, Ady?" Ady... The four men... Don’t tell me...
  • "Zacky, Lebby, Khally, and Mr. Clein?!" Instead of being happy because I already remember them, their faces frowned because of what I called them.
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