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Chapter 99 Appointment.

  • When Christmas is over, Elizabeth’s family heads back to Wisconsin. Elizabeth telling Sofia she will be there for the wedding in February. Not really looking forward to seeing Ethan again, at the same time wanting to be there for her daughter. She would have to put her feelings for Ethan on the side. Not letting on just how much she hates him. This was for her child, she had to stay strong.
  • In the meantime, Elizabeth made an appointment at her doctors. Needing something to make her stomach feel better. Its been a while since its been acting up and she feels its just all the stress with Ethan and Victoria setting it off. She hopes that the doctor can give her something to calm her nerves. She knew in January, she would be going on a few book sites and needed to be back to herself.
  • “Babe, do you want me to go with you today?” Brian asks.
  • “No, it's fine, I know you have a lot of work at the office. It's just a regular appointment. I should be back in no time. I will text you when I get home.” Elizabeth replies.
  • “OK, I will be in a long afternoon meeting. So if I don't answer right away you know why, but please text me.” Brian answers.
  • “I will, you take care of what you need to. I am fine.” Elizabeth responds.
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