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Chapter 95 Sofia

  • After they are all settled in, Sofia comes downstairs looking for Brian. Finding him in his man cave.
  • “Hi, May I speak to you?” Sofia asks.
  • “Of course, What can I do for you?” Brian says.
  • “I just wanted to say, that I am very sorry for the way, I treated you. I was very upset and I took it out on you. I thought you were the cause of it, I know better now.” Sofia says.
  • “Don’t worry about it. I am glad we can move past this. You mean a lot to your mother, and I don’t want to take you or your sister away from her. I just hope you can see, that I really care about her.” Brian replies.
  • " I do, I also see how much she cares about you. How happy she is here. I also know you asked her to get married. I saw the ring.” Sofia responds.
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