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Chapter 93 Family

  • As the week goes on, things seem to calm down. Elizabeth is too busy getting ready for her family to visit to give Victoria a second thought. She and Brian have been close, doing their best to get what they had back in every way.
  • Brian remembers what Victoria said about late nights, and making Elizabeth wonder. He does his best to make sure he is home when he says he will be, calling her all the time. Letting her know she is on his mind.
  • For Elizabeth what bothered her most about Victoria was the fact that Brian never told her, and she walked right into Victoria’s plan. She felt that she and Brian shared everything, she was always honest with him, she wanted him to be the same way. Then she knew he was trying to save her, some grief it just happened to lead to some other. She let it go, feeling it was before her time. It's not like Victoria said she was sleeping with him now. What happened before her, didn't matter. It was just that, before her. What Brian did now is what mattered to her. She trusted him, she loved him. It's all that mattered.
  • It's the week that Elizabeth’s family finally comes, Elizabeth making sure that the house was spotless, and everything was in its rightful place. The house looked gorgeous with all the holiday decorations. It just impressed Brian at all she could do. He enjoyed the way she made the house, cooked and took care of him. He wasn’t like Ethan, he didn't take it for granted, he loved it.
  • “Babe, if you polish that table one more time, I think it the wood may come off.” Brian laughs.
  • “I just want everything to be perfect.” Elizabeth answers.
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