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Chapter 91 Conversation

  • The next day comes around, Brain tired from the night before. He and Elizabeth, couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other, moving from the dining room table to their bedroom to extend their lovemaking. He knew she was a bit hurt about Victoria it just seemed to push her closer to him, then pushing her away. Which he was happy about. He also hoped it didn’t just push her into having sex with him, so he didn’t have it with Victoria.
  • He knew deep down that Victoria would use that against him, he also knew in a way he was dumb not to tell Elizabeth the truth from the start. He just felt at the time, it would just add more drama to an already drama-filled life. He wasn't looking for more of it. He was hoping that things would now settle down. He wanted to enjoy his life with her, just being them and not all the outside drama. He just knew where ever Victoria was, so was trouble.
  • Brian kisses Elizabeth’s head, while she is sleeping in bed next to him. He gets up wanting to call his brother to find out why he wasn’t the one to take Tyler here last night. He leaves Elizabeth sleeping and goes to their office making the call.
  • “Hey, Bro what happened last night? Why weren’t you the one to drop off Tyler?” Brian asks.
  • “Well I was going to, I even drove over there, Matt was the one to tell me she already left. She did it behind our backs, which doesn't surprise me. I did text you, didn’t you get it?” Sean replies.
  • “No, I guess I didn't, or I would have been the one to get the damn door. That is so much like her, to be a bitch and go behind our backs.” Brian responds.
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