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Chapter 85 Confiding in Sean

  • Its four weeks later it's now December, Elizabeth looking forward to the holiday. She knew her mother and girls were coming soon and it gave her something to look forward to. For Thanksgiving, it was just her and Brian spending their first Thanksgiving together. It was nice and calm.
  • Elizabeth was still trying to go back to herself and for the most part, she was. She was looking forward to decorating, baking and spending her first Christmas with Brian in their new home. She hasn’t heard anything from Ethan, she was doing her best to block him out of her life for good. Trying to move on from everything that had to do with him.
  • Brian was working hard at the firm, doing his best to work his way up to show Matt and his father that he could do this. He was happy that Elizabeth was coming back to herself little by little. He also saw that she wasn’t feeling well lately even though she was trying to hide it. She never liked him to worry, but he noticed that she has been having stomach issues. He figures it has a lot to do with the attack. Her nerves getting the best of her, which only makes him hate Ethan more. Lately everything seemed to.
  • One weekend, Brian is working on the lawn and his brother Sean comes over bringing Tyler. Brian still hasn't let Victoria come around not needing her to add any more drama or stress to what has already been going on. He has been letting his brother Sean drop him off so he can spend some time with him as well. He always enjoys talking to him, and he knows he can tell him anything.
  • “Hey bro, what's up? When I talked to you on the phone you seemed a little distracted.” Sean states.
  • “Sorry, I have a lot on my mind.” Brian answers.
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