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Chapter 74 Thinking

  • After her shower, she goes to her room, locking the door behind her. Still thinking about everything that has taken place. In the morning, she had to put on a show, and try to make things look normal to her daughters, and her mother. Then she would be on her way home. Her real home, the one where she felt safe and loved. Being with the person, she adored in every way.
  • She sat there thinking, about how she was going to explain all the bruises to Brian. Does she tell the truth? Or lie? She wasn't sure.
  • If she tells him the truth, it could lead to bad things. She knows he wouldn't be happy with this at all and want to go after Ethan. That would only make a splash and she didn't want that. She wanted to move on, make a life for them both. Going after Ethan for this, wouldn't change that it happened. Wouldn't fix the hate she feels. It would only get the man she loved into trouble.
  • If she lies and doesn't say, its something looming over them. She has always been truthful to Brian and wanted it to stay that way. Not wanting to break everything good that they now have. Just if she did say, would he look at her the same? Or look at her with disgust that she now looks at herself with? Would he hate her for not listening to him? So many things were running through her mind, she couldn't get a wink of sleep. She just lays there, curled up in a ball thinking about everything.
  • When morning comes, Elizabeth gets up and out of bed, going to the bathroom to get dressed and put on makeup. Knowing today she is going to have to put on a performance of her life. She gets her makeup and does her best to hide the marks on her wrists, the marks that only remind her of everything that took place.
  • While she is getting ready, her phone rings, she knows its Brian. She just isn't sure, she can talk to him. She also knows she can't let it go to voice mail. She never does that to him. She is always so happy to hear from him, she picks it up at the first ring. He would know something was up.
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