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Chapter 67 Trip

  • Elizabeth makes plane reservations, to take the next flight to Wisconsin. She feels a little uneasy going back there. She was happy with her new life, with Brian. He made her very happy gave her everything she was looking for. For the first time in her life, she had everything she ever wanted.
  • The thought of going back to where she began, wasn't what she was looking forward to. Yet, she just pushed that in the back of her mind, knowing her girls would need her through this. Plus she would get to see her mother Joan. That part she did look forward to. She had missed her. Its been a few months since they saw each other which was very rare. They would still talk on the phone daily making sure the other was doing ok. It just wasn't the same.
  • “So you're leaving this afternoon?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, I will be back in two days. I am just staying for the funeral and then, I will be coming home. I also want to give the girls and my mother their tickets to visit us for Christmas. I can't wait to show them around our home.” Elizabeth says.
  • “You know I will miss you. Are you sure this is the right thing to do? I mean, It just seems that Ethan wants you their not really for the girls. You will be walking in still as his wife.” Brian comments.
  • “I will miss you as well, very much. I am not sure what Ethan is after, but my children, do want me there. I have always been there for them, and I don't want to change that, just because Ethan and I are no longer. I know, I am going into the lion's den with his family. I know how they are. About being his wife, I won't be that for much longer. No matter what he says, Brian, I am yours. I know, it took me a while to see it and realize it, but I am. I just hope you see it as well.” Elizabeth says.
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