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Chapter 65 Favor.

  • They have now been in their new home for a month, it's now November. Elizabeth is happy and taking it easy, knowing that after the first of the year they will be promoting the second half of the book. So, for now, she and Brian were taking it easy. He has started his new job working with Matt. Things have been running smoothly. They even wanted Tyler to start coming over for weekends. Which also meant Victoria coming to take and pick him up.
  • Brain let it go this long without letting his son visit only to keep Victoria away. He would travel to his brother's house and visit his son there. Doing his best to keep things peaceful. Ethan at the moment wasn’t a problem. He kept his word and the divorce was running smoothly and papers were being drawn up. It was almost over. He knew that Victoria would start, would make problems. Its the way she always was, what would stop her now? Brian still didn’t want his little secret out. He knew that Elizabeth was still trying to heal from what Ethan did to her. Even though what took place before he met her, he didn't want her to think it could happen again. Or to have second thoughts about this relationship. 
  • He loved being with her, the last month was the best so far. He finally had a real life, a real family. He would go to work and come home to a home-cooked meal. Elizabeth and him sitting down, enjoying the meal and discussing their day. They had more than just sex, it was a connection. He didn't want to lose that for anything.
  • One day while Brian was at work, Elizabeth was home, still fixing up some loose ends with the house. It was now autumn and she placed mums on the porch and planted them in the drive. She loved to make things look pretty. She finally felt free and herself and she was enjoying every part of it.
  • Things were different here when she would do something Brian loved it and said thank you. Which only made her want to do more for him. He was the total opposite of Ethan who took everything for granted
  • While she is outside planting, her cell phone rings, and its Ethan. At first, she wants to just shake it off and let it ring. Feeling what the hell does he have to say now? Then she thinks, he has been doing well, try to behave. So she picks it up.
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