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Chapter 64 New Home

  • A few weeks go by, and finally, they are moving into their new home. Everything in the house is brand new since they didn’t have much of anything to start out with. It just made it all fresh and new for both of them. Both able to pick things together, making it both of their home, which they both enjoyed.
  • Elizabeth was a bit fancier in her taste than Brian is. He was happy with almost anything, where she wanted things to be nice. Brian really didn’t care, he was just happy being with her, and now having his own home. He didn't mind the compromises, in the end, he found what she picked out to be very nice.
  • He got the basement as his man cave and he was glad with that. He and his brother went down there and added a bar, a large screen TV, video gaming consoles, a pool table and anything else manly, they could think of. Which only made Elizabeth laugh. It didn’t matter to her as long as Brian was happy and felt comfortable in the space as well.
  • She found Brian to be adorable, at the moment things he did make her smile. She just hoped that as time went on, they were not the same things, that would make her roll her eyes at him. She couldn’t help but have her past in her way. No matter how happy she was, it always seemed to creep back up, on her. Letting her know how things change so fast. Knowing that what you found cute at the start can disgust you at the end.
  • She just keeps that in the back her mind, trying to enjoy all the new things offered to her. They both continue to decorate the house.
  • The first thing on the list was getting a new king size bed. They both wanted a place to sleep that was comfortable and had plenty of room to play. Their sex life being very active, they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Just the sight of Brian drove her crazy, he didn’t even have to do much but enter a room. She just hoped that he wouldn’t change the silver hair or the style once he went to work for the firm. It was something that seemed to drive her crazy. He was her Zach and always would be. It made things fun and playful.
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