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Chapter 61 House Shopping

  • While waiting for Brian, Elizabeth just thinks about everything she and Ethan just talked about. She saw him grow from this, it’s just sad it took all this for him to see. She was relieved that he would proceed with things in a mature fashion instead of being an ass like before. It was just one less thing to worry about. It relieved some of the stress she was feeling going through this.
  • She also wondered how her daughters would take it once they would find out about their father’s son. She knew that would be a lot to take in, it was for her. It was also something she would never forget. It was something that hurt her deeply even though she was trying not to show it. All those years of lies and betrayal it just saddened her. There marriage was a fake, even more than she thought it was, just in so many more ways. She did see that Ethan seemed a little sorry for it, she just didn’t know if that was because he had gotten caught? Or if it was just doing it in general?
  • While thinking about all this Brian finally comes down the stairs with all his papers and things needed. Just looking at Elizabeth. Seeing this mixed look upon her face, that confuses him.
  • “Is everything OK?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, everything is great. I spoke to Ethan a little while ago, he is going to proceed with the divorce and not ask for alimony. He is going to let go.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “What changed? I mean, he was determined to make this go as shitty as it could before.” Brian says.
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