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Chapter 60 Repentance

  • A few days later, It starts a new week, Tyler went home after having a very nice weekend with Brian and Elizabeth. He hung out with them, and even his uncle Sean. Tyler didn’t mind Elizabeth at all, they actually got along. Elizabeth was happy about that also, she didn’t need another Sofia. It was bad enough her own daughter was acting the way she was. She just saw Tyler being more mature than an eighteen year old. Then it was a bit different, she was with Ethan for a long time and it was breaking up her family. Where for Tyler they were not together so it didn’t matter. She did understand her daughter’s feelings, she still wished her daughter would act more like him and stop behaving like a six-year-old. At least in the manner of the way she treated Brian.
  • As the new week started, Elizabeth and Brian planned on going to look for houses. Elizabeth couldn’t wait to get her own home and start a regular life with Brian. She was looking forward to it. She was still a little leery of things. Scared that Victoria was going to make things hard, she just decided not to make her win. She wanted Brian and this relationship to work and she was going to do her best for that to happen.
  • While checking her phone to see for houses that Brian sent her, she sees a ton of messages from Ethan wanting to talk to her. She isn’t sure if she wants to call him or not knowing that the last time he talked to her, he set her off. He knew just what buttons to push and she was tired of it.
  • Then the legal fees were not helping her at all and all the time it was taking for them to get this divorce over with. She still resented him for wanting alimony. There was a lot of things that she still couldn’t let go of. Most of it would take a lot of time to, if ever.
  • She decides that maybe talking to him might be a good idea. Maybe they could stop all this craziness? Maybe move on a bit?
  • “Hello, I been texting and calling you for the last week,” Ethan says.
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