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Chapter 6 Surprise

  • The holidays were over and life went back to normal. The girls going back to school, Ethan back to work, Elizabeth back to writing. To finish her last few chapters, which was making her sad. It was over. The thought bothered her, her fantasy life was over. It was a good few months, fun in every way. To get lost in something other than her own life. She sits down, with her laptop. Reading over her story, seeing how much she missed it. She sits there all day and finishes her last chapters. Hitting save. Going back to her regular real life. Figuring if she got bored, she could always write a part two, or maybe even do something else. It was just for fun. She could do this till she ran out of ideas, or it wasn’t fun anymore.
  • That afternoon when Sofia came home. She ran to her mother in the kitchen.
  • “Mom you won’t believe what happened today,” Sofia says.
  • “What Honey? Did the boy you like ask you out?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “No, mom. It has nothing to do with that. Before vacation started, I gave my English teacher a USB drive with your book on it. I asked her to read it. To give me her truthful opinion, and maybe even any points. Well, she read it over the holiday. Telling me today, she is addicted. She wants to know what happens in the end. What happens with Zach and Rachael? Do they make it? She also said. She has a friend that is a publisher. She would like to give her your book to read.” Sofia says out of breath.
  • “What? Really? Why did you do that?” Elizabeth says all at once.
  • “Because I loved reading it too. I wanted to see if anyone else would. I didn’t know she knew a publisher. Mom this is great. Did you ever finish it?” Sofia asks
  • “Yes. Today, I added the last chapters.” Elizabeth says.
  • “Great, I am going to read it and email her it. We will see what she says.“Sofia answers.
  • “OK,” Elizabeth says still in shock.
  • Not believing this is happening. Someone really liked her work? Not to mention, a publisher? She wasn’t getting her hopes up. Nor was she saying anything to anyone. She was just going to wait and see what took place. She finishes up dinner trying to act like everything was fine. When deep down she was so happy. Even if it didn’t get published, still others liked to read it. It was a joy to her. Someone else was falling in love with her Zach. Someone else saw what she did in him. It made her smile.
  • She sits down at the dinner table, Ethan telling about his day. How he sold two cars. That it was a good day. The girls telling about their day, they both did well on their tests. All this going right through her head. Still thinking of the conversation she had earlier with Sofia. She didn’t even think she was going to be able to sleep tonight. She was so high on happiness.