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Chapter 56 Thinking.

  • Elizabeth and Brian head back to Brian’s home, both enjoying their little playtime at the house they saw earlier today. They both knew that the price was a bit high for them to take on. It would make a lot of problems if the book didn’t do well, and his job fell through.
  • They had to be practical, with what they were going to do. Brian just wished he could give her the best. Give her everything she ever wanted. He just knew if he fell into this, it might break them in the end. Not having the money to pay for it. Brian didn’t want that, he wanted this relationship to go smoothly not start off with even more stress. They would just have to look in a different part with lower prices. That way they could have a home and not stress about paying for it.
  • While in the car heading home, Brian also knows that this weekend Tyler will be coming over to visit him. He needed to let Elizabeth know, so she would be aware of it. Also hoping it didn’t go like Sofia. That was another thing always on his mind. He knew his son was a bit different, he just hoped it went well.
  • “Babe, this weekend is my weekend to have my son. I hope that is ok?” Brian asks.
  • “Of course, You don’t have to ask me. I want you to see your son. He needs you.” Elizabeth replies.
  • “I know, I want him to meet you, I want to tell him about us getting our own home and that you will be my wife. I also know in telling him that, Victoria will find out everything and be on my case. Are you ready for all that is next?” Brian says.
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