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Chapter 48 Rental.

  • The next day, Brian prints out some papers, showing him some rentals for their summer vacation. He gathers them up. Calling the realtor to be there to show them a few of the places.
  • “Elizabeth before we go, Where would you rather go? Wildwood or Atlantic City?” Brian asks.
  • “I really don’t know. What is the difference?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Well, if we go to AC we can gamble as well as do the beach and rides. Not to mention shopping, It’s more set for adults.” Brian states.
  • “I think we should do it then. I don’t mind gambling a little. Never really did it before. Let’s go for it.” Elizabeth comments.
  • “Ok its a little farther away, but not by much. I’ll tell the realtor that’s where we want to go so she can show us more than what I printed out.” Brian remarks.
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