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Chapter 46 Sean

  • Brian in a way is happy that this took place, only so Elizabeth wouldn’t regret leaving Ethan. Now it wasn’t only because of him, it was just Ethan in general. He had to admit to himself that he never saw this coming. He knew it had to hurt Elizabeth. Spending all these years with someone and most of them was a lie. It would make her less trusting than she already was, believing that relationships fizzle out. That things could go even more wrong, than she thought. He just hoped he could make her believe in something more, something real. That their relationship was so much more and wouldn’t end in disaster.
  • He knows, he has to tell his brother, that it would only be fair. He just hoped he would understand.
  • “Sean, I wanted to let you know that Elizabeth will be staying with us for a few days. Just until we find a summer rental.” Brian states.
  • “Has she left him yet or still just playing with your emotions? Coming here to play “house”? When you came back from the tour you were an emotional basket case, wondering if she is coming back to you. I’ve never seen you like this before and to be honest I wish I wasn’t seeing it. I know you love her, but really? I don’t really see this relationship as a healthy one for you.” Sean answers.
  • “I know you’re worried for me. You just don’t need to. She has left him. She’s coming to be with me, something else happened while we were apart to make it take place for sure.” Brian states.
  • “What?” Sean asks.
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