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Chapter 399 Life Goes On.

  • A few days go by, Brian going to see the house a few afternoons ago, and liking what he saw also. Not to mention, the smile it brought to Elizabeth’s face. They put a bid in and got the house without a fight, the owners taking their bid. Brian was happy that Elizabeth found something she really wanted and liked. He didn’t think she would go through with it, but he sees that she has opened up a lot during their relationship. He also knew this would be the last home they would buy, both wanting to make it a family house where the kids would come home to when they grew up. Brian saw and wanted everything that Elizabeth wanted also, he just knew that the other house at the moment was just too small to accommodate them at the moment.
  • This makes him think back to two years ago, when they just started out, never thinking they would come this far. The old house was fine for just the two of them, its why they picked it at the time, just now their family has grown, which just makes Brian smile to himself, he had more than he ever had hoped for. A beautiful wife, two sons, a great job and home to call his own. Yes, some baggage came along with getting all this, but nothing that was worth letting go of it for. They were both at the point, where they were happy, and nothing was in their way anymore.
  • Brain knew there was just one more thing for him to do, and that was talking to Adam, today was the day to hear and see what Adam would say and do. Would he admit to everything that Margret said? Or would he deny it all and say she was crazy? Brian really wasn’t sure of which he would pick. Even with Adam being open and different lately he knew he had a lot to lose and after all this, he didn’t feel he wanted to. They would just have to wait and see what would take place.
  • Sean, Matt, and Brian go to the New York office, wanting to meet Adam in his own territory. Brian calling him days ago to schedule this meeting, just Adam was not sure what it was all about yet. He just feels its a meeting about work. Never imaging it was to tell him all they found out.
  • The three men walk into Adam’s office. Sean and Matt taking a seat in the large brown plush chairs, sitting in the front of Adam's extra large dark wood desk, As Brian stands on the side, not wanting to sit.
  • “So what do I owe this meeting to?” Adam asks sitting at his desk.
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