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Chapter 398 News.

  • Elizabeth pulls up to the firm, just wondering how Brian is taking the news. She knows that he has been waiting for this for a while now. There have been so many things coming up with this, and just when she thought they put it in the past about Adam being his father, here they go again. She just knew she had to be there for Brian. He needed her and she would do anything for him to make this go smoother. She just hopes that it ends soon, and things can return to the normal, and most of all maybe Brian and Sean could get the father they both have been longing for. No matter what they say otherwise.
  • Elizabeth walks into the office seeing Izzy at the front desk and Sean right behind her. This doesn’t surprise her at all. She just smiles, to herself knowing these two real affections for each other.
  • “Hey sweety I am here to see Brian,” Elizabeth Says giving Izzy and Sean a hug.
  • “He is in his office mom, he has been waiting for you,” Izzy replies.
  • “Great thank you. Sean are you ok? I hope the news set in for you?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Yea I am fine, Izzy is here helping me deal. We talked about it for a while. I can’t change the fact that Adam is our father. Brian and I just want the whole truth so we can be done with this. Sometimes at this point, I wonder why even bother?” Sean admits.
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