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Chapter 396 Test Results.

  • The next day comes before you know it, Brian getting up to go to work, a bit nervous not sure what the test results are going to hold for him or for Sean. He just knew that no matter what, he needed the truth. They both lived in the dark for way too long, and too many things have been going around. It was time for the truth no matter what it was. Brian knew the results today would be true as no one knew about the tests, it was going through his own lab. It wasn’t being with Adam’s lab or anyone who would talk and tell him what was going on.
  • “Are you going to be ok?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Yea, I will be fine babe. You're coming over this afternoon so it gives me something to look forward to. Go check out the house and let me know if it's worth going to check it out together. ” Brian answers getting his morning coffee.
  • “I will if you need me in the meantime please call me. I am here for you always. I love you.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “I know you are, and it makes things a lot easier. I love you too, and I will see you this afternoon.” Brian replies kissing her on her forehead.
  • Brian gets into the car and drives off to work, getting to the office in no time at all. He walks in seeing Izzy at the front desk, and Sean in his own office.
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