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Chapter 388 Ethan.

  • Ethan knows that today is the day that Elizabeth and Brian are having their wedding. He sits down on his mother’s sofa and looks through his phone, seeing all the posts that Izzy is sharing on her Facebook page. Elizabeth might have blocked him, but Izzy didn’t, which meant Ethan still saw everything and was up to date with some things.
  • He just looks at all the photos, how happy Elizabeth is. How close she is to Brian and after two years it hasn’t changed. He knows now it never will, seeing the time they were together was finally over. Nothing was going to make Elizabeth go back, and if Ethan was really honest with himself, he didn’t want her back. It was all to just prove a point, or break them up, which never seemed to work.
  • “What are you looking at?” Karen asks taking a seat next to him.
  • “I am looking at their wedding photos. They redid it today. Izzy is posting everything. We never had a wedding like this. They have everything.” Ethan admits.
  • “You were poor, you had a small wedding, which neither of you seemed to care about. You were both just happy getting married. She seemed like she changed in that too, with this big ass wedding.” Karen says.
  • “She changed in a lot of ways. I think she is finally herself. She is finally happy, I can see that. I know he makes her happy.” Ethan admits.
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