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Chapter 360 Taking Control Of Your Need.

  • A few more weeks pass by, Brian working like hell to get everything together at the new office. Hiring people, getting office supplies, telling his clients this is his new place. He has been very busy. Even finally getting Sean on board with this. He was now helping the best he could without quitting his regular job as of yet.
  • When Brian comes home from work, he is beat from the long day. Trying his best to still sit at the dinner table and listen to all that happened to his family during the days. Even though he would like to go straight to bed at times. He knows that's not what to do. Just after dinner the last week, he just falls right to sleep. Not able to help himself, when Elizabeth gets done the dishes and locks up for bed. She finds Brian already out cold.
  • Elizabeth knows that he is working hard to get everything done. She is proud of him and sees everything he is doing for their family. She just also knows, if she lets it continue, things can get the way they were going, and she doesn’t want that. She knew in the past, they would let work or things going on in their lives, take over their relationship. She wasn’t about to let that happen again.
  • She didn’t want him going to anyone else, or for their marriage to get stale. Repeating what she had before. Their sex life was too hot for that. She lived half a lifetime, in a dull sexless relationship. She wasn’t willing to do that again, not when it was so full of life. So yearning, and felt so good.
  • She also knew in the past, when Brian wasn’t going for sex, she just let it go. Always leaving it to him to initiate it. She knew that was a bad thing, that she had to fix that. She now felt comfortable with him, to ask for what she wanted. She doubted, he would turn her away.
  • It’s now Friday night, Brian goes up to bed after dinner like he always does, putting Zach to bed. Then heading there himself. Elizabeth didn’t cook tonight, they just ordered some pizza’s making it easy for her, and not much clean up at all.
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