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Chapter 356 Just What He Wants.

  • Its now time for dinner, everyone heading to the dining room table. Brian just takes a look around and smiles. Everyone here today meant something special to him, he finally had a family to call his own. One that he loved dearly.
  • The table is all done up with all kinds of foods, this extra-large turkey in the middle of the table, surrounded by candied yams, biscuits, cream corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, not to mention what was for dessert. Brian just looks over at Elizabeth seeing her beam from ear to ear. He knew she was happy, and that is all he could ask for.
  • They all sit down, saying grace, all thankful for all that they have, and for most of all having each other. After grace they all start eating, enjoying the meal that is prepared for them all. Sean just looks at Brian and hopes he really sees everything he has. He knew how his brother was, in the past he took things for granted, he was never happy with anything he had. Sean just hoped that really changed now, seeing that what was in front of him, was a good thing.
  • In many ways, Brian and Sean were two different people. Sean might have been the younger brother, but he had his life down pat. Being with a woman he wanted to be with and more than happy to only be with her. He had a simple job and was a simple man, living in his childhood home. He was happy with that, where he saw Brian wanted more, much much more. He was glad his brother was achieving everything he wanted, he just hoped he didn’t let it all slip through his fingers.
  • Sean was glad in a way, Victoria was no longer in his life, maybe now that part would calm down. As he knew in the past, he would give in to Victoria even if it was just sexually. Which always led to things that were not good. Just Brian kept falling into the same pattern. Now it was broken, Brian didn’t have to pay for the mistake he made when he was a kid anymore. Any mistake he would make now had nothing to do with Victoria. He couldn’t blame her anymore.
  • As they are sitting there eating, Joan says she has something she would like to announce.
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