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Chapter 354 Thanksgiving.

  • A few days go by and its time for Thanksgiving. Elizabeth is happy and very excited, she has her mom, husband and two sons to share it with this year. It made her smile, also knowing that in a few days her daughter would be arriving. She was getting more and more of her family here to be with her. She couldn’t ask for more.
  • In the last few days, she and Brian have been getting along just fine. Brian is doing his best to make up for what he did a few weeks ago. Little by little he is letting go of the stress he had, concentrating more on his relationship and home life. Also very excited about his new firm.
  • He does know that there would be one thing to make Elizabeth extremely happy, also knowing if he could get it to happen, it would be one less thing in Wisconsin, one less thing closer to Ethan. He just knew he would have to have a talk and see if he could get it. Just with how smooth he could be, he was sure he could.
  • Brian sees Elizabeth in the kitchen getting the food ready for today, the dining room table all done up with fancy autumn dishes, glasses, and silverware. He had to admit everything was perfect and smelled great.
  • He sees Joan, going to put baby Zach down for his nap, so he will be well-rested for dinner. Brian sees the opportunity to take the lead.
  • “Joan, Can I have a word with you?” Brian asks.
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