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Chapter 353 About The New Detective.

  • Elizabeth sits there looking at Brian, she knows just how serious all this really is. This relationship wasn’t about only them anymore. They were now bringing in innocent people, stuck in the middle of them. It was just like Ethan and her relationship now, children were to be thought about, before doing anything harsh. The only difference was, she wanted more than anything for this to work. It just scared her, even more, to think that two children would be stuck in the middle of this again. This affair wasn’t just “fun” anymore, it involved, into a lot more. Turning both their lives around, adding a lot of good things and also a lot more complications.
  • “Babe are you OK?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, you had to tell me something about the detective didn’t you?” She replies.
  • “Oh, yes, I was so distracted with Tyler, and other things, I forgot all about him. This new detective came into Adam’s office today.” Brian responds.
  • “Why a new one? What happened with Greg?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Supposedly, he got kicked off the case for being an ass to everyone. I have to say, I am not sad to see him go. He could have cared less about who he hurt. Someone turned him in, and they are now looking at suspending him from his duties.” Brian answers.
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