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Chapter 34 Getting Ready

  • Brian gets off the phone, so happy and alive. Feeling this deep relief inside himself. For the last three weeks, he has been going insane. Not knowing what she would do. Feeling she may pick her old life over him. Then he would have nothing. He wouldn’t be able to work with her wanting to always touch her, be close to her. Now he knew he didn’t have to worry about any of that. She wanted him too. He was going to do everything he can to make this work.
  • “Hey bro. I will be leaving. Monica got me a flight for tomorrow to Wisconsin.” Brian states.
  • “You’re going there a week earlier?” Sean asks.
  • “Yes. She called me, she wants me. I am going to be with her. She needs me just as much as I do her. I am not going to let anything stand in my way.” Brian states.
  • “Victoria is going to love this. What about Tyler? I thought he was coming this weekend before you leave?” Sean asks.
  • “Just tell them I had to go to work. He will understand. I need to get her now, now that she misses me. I want to take her away from him. I will see Tyler when I get back.” Brian comments.
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