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Chapter 337 Speech.

  • Brian and Sean go back to the table, Adam just looking at Brian.
  • “Brian I want to say, how proud I am of both of you. This is a great honor here tonight for both of you. I knew the books were doing well, I just never thought it would get here.” Adam says.
  • “Thank you, Elizabeth has worked hard for all this. We had a lot of stress over the last book, it just seems like now it is panning out.” Brian responds.
  • “It sure has. You are doing very well on your own, I must say you are a fabulous lawyer. I am so glad you came to work at the firm. It’s wonderful having you there.” Adam replies.
  • “I truly thank you for the opportunity for all this. I have just been thinking, that working there isn’t really working out in some ways. I know now that Victoria isn’t there to egg things on, but Matt and I are not the best of friends. He rather I was not there.” Brian says.
  • “I know Matt has his moments, I just wouldn’t let him stop you. You’re too good at this to make anyone stop you.” Adam answers.
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