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Chapter 336 Award Dinner.

  • Monica waits for them in the lobby of the Hotel, hoping and praying, that they are doing better together. She just wonders, what really took place for Elizabeth to be that upset with Brian. She hated that she had to get in the middle of it, and go behind Elizabeth’s back, and invite him to this, but she felt she had no other choice.
  • She couldn’t stand by and watch as their marriage fell apart. She loved them both she wanted this to go on for the long haul. She also knew that Brian was here from the start, of Elizabeth's success. They did this together in many ways. Monica wanted Brian to share in it. She was torn, and wouldn't know what to do if they really did fall apart.
  • As she is waiting, the elevator opens, Elizabeth and Brian step out of it, Elizabeth wearing a knee-length black fur coat, looking wonderful. Brian in his black wool coat not looking bad himself. Monica also takes note, that Elizabeth is smiling and her arm is wrapped around his. Monica breathes a sigh of relief. Feeling whatever was going on, is now over. Brian worked his charm, getting back into her good graces.
  • “Well, you two look better than ever. Not to mention the smiles on your faces.” Monica says.
  • “Thank you, We had a very nice day together.” Brian answers.
  • “I am very happy to hear that. A lot of people will be there tonight, to see both of you. I have some special people coming as well, to witness this tonight. I thought I would do a little surprise. I am just glad the both of you are in better spirits.” Monica states.
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