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Chapter 328 Meet & Greet.

  • The next night comes, Elizabeth getting ready for the meet and greet. She wants to look her best, as she knows a lot of people will be there watching. She hasn’t texted Brian at all, doing her best stay away, to keep her coldness going. The wall to protect her, still there strong.
  • To try to forget about everything that is going on, she takes a long shower, refreshing herself for the evening. She then puts on a black v-neck beaded knee-length dress with black high heels. She makes sure her makeup is perfect, her long blonde hair is done up in curls. She takes a look in the mirror taking a deep sigh. Telling herself “I can do this.”
  • While she is doing all that, Brian is getting ready himself, taking his shower and determined to get her back. He picks out his outfit very carefully for tonight. Wanting to get Zach down pat. He pulls out the black tight denim jeans, that hug every sexy curve he has, a white dress shirt, tucking in the shirt, and having three buttons open at the top. He puts on the cologne that she loves and fixes his hair just right. The gray hair hanging in the front. He even puts the cuff earring on that Zach has. Making himself, exactly him, even better than he has in the past.
  • Monica goes to the hotel to pick up Elizabeth not really sure what to expect, just keeping the little tidbit that Brian will be joining them tonight to herself. She was hoping it would be a surprise that would go right. Just knowing it could go very wrong at the same time. It was just a chance she was going to take.
  • When she gets to the hotel, she sees Elizabeth there waiting for her, looking her best.
  • “You look fabulous!” Monica states.
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