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Chapter 323 What Should I Think?

  • Elizabeth stays in the office on the sofa, curled up with a blanket, trying her best to wrap her mind around everything. She knows she needs to calm down to think properly because, at the moment, she was everywhere. Her mind was racing, her heart was going just as fast. She is so upset, she even feels like she has to throw up.
  • She takes a deep breathe calming her nerves. She thinks about all they just shared, how it couldn’t be fake. How close they just were with each other. How everything can go back to what it was. Then she feels betrayed and hurt from everything he just said. How could he go out and want to sleep with someone else? Why would he ever try? Was she not enough for him? Was he needing more?
  • She gets a bit calmer knowing, that he was having issues with her trusting him, that everything was coming down on him all at once. Their earlier discussion, they said they would tell each other everything even if it would hurt. They would tell the truth and talk it out. Well, he told her the truth. He didn’t hid or keep it from her, he was being honest, trying to do what she asked, now she was the one to walk away and flip out. Just it was hard for her not to. She was so hurt, she couldn't talk to him at the moment or even look at him.
  • She just sits there till morning, not getting an ounce of sleep, she just tries to stay calm and thinks about everything.
  • Brian stays in the bedroom, laying in bed, thinking the worse, and how maybe it was wrong to tell her this? Maybe her never knowing was better? They could have moved on, and things would have stayed the same? It was too late for that, and she needed to know. He would just have to deal with the fall out now.
  • He lays there till it's going on six Am, his mind jumping to every which way, wondering what she is thinking, and what she is going to do. He can’t take it anymore, he needs to talk to her. He needs to see her. They are in the same house, yet it seems so far away.
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