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Chapter 321 Building Courage.

  • After their playful time in the shower, and spending more time being intimate, they both head downstairs into the kitchen to find something to eat, both very happy and extremely playful towards each other.
  • “So what do you want to eat?” Elizabeth asks.
  • “Something easy. How about some pasta and sauce?” Brian suggests while he tells Alexa to put on some music.
  • “That sounds good, I have some sauce in the frig,” Elizabeth responds.
  • As she is making the pasta, she is dancing around the kitchen. Brian sees how happy and calm she is. How things from being so heavy are now light. He is glad, she is having this moment. As for him, things are still hanging over his head filling him with anxiety.
  • “If you keep moving around like that wearing my pullover, I am going to come over there,” Brian says playfully.
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