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Chapter 320 Building up.

  • Brian heads back upstairs into their bedroom, Elizabeth is still sleeping. Brian wants to try to get some rest himself before entering this evening. Still not knowing what it may hold. He lays down next to her, curling up, wanting to be as close as he can be. Feeling once she knows, it may not happen again soon. He just wonders, will she understand where he was coming from? Or hate him? He tries to block it out of his mind, as he lays there closing his eyes. Needing some rest, badly. The weight from this was taking him down.
  • A few hours go by, and Brian wakes up seeing it's going on two in the afternoon. He now feels a little refreshed, getting some sleep. He also sees Elizabeth stirring around in bed. She just moves herself closer to him, as she opens her eyes.
  • “What time is it?” She asks yawning.
  • “It's going on two in the afternoon babe.” Brian answers.
  • “Oh my god, the kids, they need food and baby Zach needs changing. I can’t believe I slept all that.” Elizabeth says with panic.
  • “Relax, I took care of everything, the kids are at Sean’s. It's just me and you. We need time together alone. We also need rest.” Brian says pulling her close to him.
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