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Chapter 32 Growing up.

  • Another week goes by, it’s now almost the end of week three. Elizabeth has stayed away from Brian, even though it’s been extremely rough. Instead of it getting better, It only seemed to get worse as the days go on. She would think about him more and more, In everything that she would do. Wanting so much to tell him. Just trying to make sure it was more than just sex. More than him looking like her fantasy. She wanted it to be real, before going to him. At this point, she was even scared. Feeling he probably let go. He wasn’t waiting for her to call him. She was feeling insecure.
  • Her relationship with Ethan has gotten a bit better. He still comes home late at night. She just sees, he treats her a bit better and wants to do more for her. She doesn’t spend that much time at home either. Going to workout in the morning, trying to spend time out because she was bored indoors. She wasn’t into spending the whole day cleaning. She would come home to make dinner, then be with the girls and even Ethan at night. Going to write a few chapters before bed. She spends a lot of time with her mother Joan. Making up the time, she was away. Also knowing, if she makes the choice to be with Brian, she wouldn’t be seeing her as often. So she spent the time now with her. Also knowing, that the book signings were coming up. That would be taking her away for a few more months.
  • One night, after she writes a few chapters of her book, Elizabeth heads to bed. Ethan in bed reading his paper. Waiting for her to come to bed.
  • “Hey, Done writing for the night?” Ethan asks.
  • “Yes, I got tired. Sometimes the thoughts just come to you. Then others you can’t think of a thing.” Elizabeth replies. Sliding herself into bed.
  • “I don’t know how you do it. I wouldn’t be able to think of all that.” Ethan states.
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