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Chapter 319 Nerves Set In.

  • Brian just looks at Elizabeth sleeping soundly in his arms. He is dead tired, but yet he can’t seem to fall asleep. The time is ticking away and its already ten in the morning. He hears Tyler moving around, and baby Zach waking up also. He tries to get up slowly, not wanting to wake Elizabeth. He wants her to get the rest she needs, knowing that last night she didn’t sleep at all.
  • He only got a few hours himself and his head has been spinning most of the morning, not only from drinking but from his nerves. He knew he had to open up about what happened. He just wanted the kids away first. He also wanted time, just between them to get some closeness back before stating what he did.
  • Brian gets up out of bed putting his PJ pants on and top on, then heading to Zach’s room. Seeing a smiling little boy greeting him. He looks at him, and can’t help but smile back. The closeness he has towards him he, doesn’t want to lose. Knowing if Elizabeth throws him out, it would whine up just like Tyler. Only seeing him on the weekends, missing out on so much. This just brings more stress to him, he just tries not to show it. Getting the little boy changed and dressed for the day. Getting him a little overnight bag for when Sean would come to get him.
  • He takes the little boy downstairs seeing Tyler eating his cereal playing a video game in the living room. How everything was quiet and peaceful like it was before all this started. It was the life he wanted for him and his sons.
  • “Tyler, when your done eating can you please pack an overnight bag. Uncle Sean is coming to pick you and your brother up.” Brian says.
  • “OK Dad, just let me finish up this level. Are we going there because you and Elizabeth need some time alone?” Tyler asks.
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