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Chapter 315 Time to get up.

  • When eight in the morning rolls around, so does Brian, waking up with fear inside of himself. He gets up in a panic, looking all around. Seeing he is in his brother's home safe. A relief washes over him, but still, a sadness stays. He looks at his phone, seeing numerous texts from Elizabeth. How she cared if he was OK, how worried she was. And mostly how dumb he was.
  • What the hell was he doing? What was he thinking? He replays the night in his head, going over that, he didn’t make the mistake, he was smart enough to get out of that bathroom. Which is the only thing that gives him a sense of calm. He is still upset that he even thought, he would still be the old him and able to even go through with any of that. That he left others thoughts to take over him, and play with his mind.
  • Sean comes down from his room, seeing that Brian is up. Wondering how he is feeling and what he is feeling.
  • “Bro, why don’t you come to sit in the kitchen with me and have a talk. Fresh coffee is on to.” Sean says.
  • “Sure, but I don’t want to stay too long. I need a shower and to get home. I need to talk to Elizabeth.“Brian says.
  • “And what are you going to tell her? You left her last night in a mess. She feels you hate her and don’t even want the relationship anymore. Not to mention what I walked in on. What the hell was that all about? Did you go through with it??” Sean asks.
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