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Chapter 314 Sean’s Disgust.

  • Sean goes straight home, thinking a lot of things on his way home. Like if it would be over between them, what would Brian do now? He just looks at his brother sleeping peacefully on the side of him. Hoping for the best. Thinking about everything that Elizabeth gave up to be with his brother. How both of them had so much to lose. “What a mess,” Sean says to himself.
  • Once home he helps to carry Brian to the sofa, laying him down and throwing a cover over him. Smelling the booze and cheap perfume all over him. He knew taking him here was a good thing, Elizabeth didn’t need to see this. Even if he didn’t go through with things, him smelling as if it did, wasn’t a good thing. It would only bring up more trust issues, and questions. Only leading to more fights and complications, which he knew when his brother would wake up, he wouldn't want.
  • Sean goes into the kitchen and takes a glass of water before heading up to bed himself. Martha waiting for him in bed.
  • “Hey, it’s late, It took you this long to track him down? ” she asks.
  • “Yea, I knew where he was, it was just the drive back and forth that took a bit. He is downstairs sleeping it off. I just think he was feeling sorry for himself. He just went around it the wrong way. ” Sean replies.
  • “So he was at the club? Did he have his usual women all over him? Living it up while, Elizabeth is at home, all upset?” Martha asks.
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