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Chapter 311 Asking Sean.

  • Elizabeth stays on the sofa, crying and very upset for the last few hours. She keeps trying to text Brian but gets no answer. She is worried and hopes he is ok. She knows, she can’t go out looking for him, with two small kids. Plus he is a grown man, she just can’t help herself, she calls Sean, hoping that maybe he has heard from him. That he is ok. She knows how upset he is with her, and that it would be hard to make this better.
  • “Hey Elizabeth it’s pretty late is everything OK? You don’t normally call this late.” Sean says.
  • “No, I am sorry to call you this late. I just needed to know if you have heard from Brian at all tonight?” Elizabeth says with her voice breaking up.
  • “No, I haven’t. Are you OK? You don’t sound good. What happened? Didn't Brian come home from work?” Sean asks.
  • “We got into a fight and he stormed out. That was at nine Pm it’s now going on one in the morning. I am worried. I tried texting him, but he won’t answer me. He never does that, he is upset with me because I had doubts about him being with Victoria. He said a lot of hurtful things, and left.” Elizabeth admits.
  • “OH, that again? Even dead she is still haunting him, isn’t she? Look I know, he kept secrets from you, and that would raise suspicion, but he never cheated on you. He loves you very much, I can vouch for that. I never have seen him like this before. He truly wants this relationship so your doubts hurt him even more. Anything he said, was just probably because he was upset.” Sean states.
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