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Chapter 301 Dinner At Joans.

  • The afternoon comes and the girls show up, hugging and spending time with their mother. They also spend time with Tyler, making him feel as if he is their real brother. Never leaving him behind. Brian just watches and smiles. He loved how Elizabeth’s family just made Tyler one of them, without even thinking. Even when the girls were not that fond of him, they always accepted Tyler. If nothing else, that was a great thing, its what Tyler needed more now than ever. A real family and they were giving him one.
  • Everyone is gathered in Joan’s kitchen getting ready for dinner. While they are the doorbell rings and Brian goes to get it. Feeling a little more like himself and enjoying his time here. A lot has changed now, Elizabeth's daughters even accept Brian and make him feel at home.
  • Brian knows who is at the door, how could he forget who was coming to dinner? He just feels at this second, let’s see what Ethan does and says. He just hopes that he doesn’t ruin everything from the day since things have been going very well.
  • “Hey, welcome everyone is in the kitchen getting ready for dinner,” Brian says politely.
  • “Great, I took some wine to go with dinner,” Ethan responds in a mild manner.
  • “Sounds good. So you sold the house? What are you going to do now?” Brian asks taking a seat on the sofa.
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