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Chapter 295 Back To Wisconsin.

  • Brian, Elizabeth, and the boys get on the plane ride, the kids sitting together, and Tyler playing with Zach and watching a cartoon with him. Trying to keep him busy for the ride. Brian and Elizabeth sit side by side, but it seems far away. Each of them stays quiet for the ride as Brian works and Elizabeth just looks out the plane window. Her feelings are mixed, and all over the place. The only real feeling she has is that she wants this fighting to stop.
  • Once they get to Wisconsin a car is waiting for them and takes them straight to Joan’s house. Where Joan is waiting for them with open arms.
  • “I am so glad to see all of you,” Joan says Giving them each a hug.
  • “I missed you mom, its great to see you.” Elizabeth answers.
  • “Same here, I missed all of you. Where is that little boy and that other sweet boy? Come into the kitchen with me. I have some goodies for the both of you.” Joan replies.
  • Tyler carrying his brother into the kitchen with him. Brian just smiles, seeing how Joan accepting Tyler as one of her grandchildren. Making him feel at home and wanted. It makes him feel good and at least this part of the trip was worth it. It was showing Tyler that not all people fight and are crazy. That some people are accepting and kind.
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