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Chapter 294 Tell Me How You Feel.

  • The next morning comes, and Elizabeth is up bright and early, to get the kids ready for the plane ride. As she is packing the last of her things, Brian is doing his own, not saying a word. Being very quiet for the last day. Which is pissing Elizabeth off. She just hates when he does this, she feels he is being very childish. Plus she is used to talking to him and always sharing. This is killing her inside.
  • “So how long are you going to ignore me? You didn’t talk to me at all last night, only when needed. You talked to the boys, then went to your office and spent the night there. So is this what we are doing now? Is this what we have come to?” Elizabeth snaps.
  • “I don’t want to say something that will start a fight, but I guess even being quiet is doing that. I had work to finish up because of this so-called trip. It's just putting me behind.” Brian answers.
  • “I was always able to tell you how I felt and you would listen without this. Is this a new thing? You don’t like what I say so you ignore me? Runaway from me? I know how this goes, I played it myself a long time ago. I also remember when I was pregnant and you did this to me.” Elizabeth says.
  • “Look, you can tell me anything. I always listen, even when I don’t like what is going on. Just this time, I don’t understand. I am not ignoring you, I just rather not say anything. How I am feeling right now, it's better for me to be quiet. Plus I don't want to fight in front of the kids. I am not doing what I did then, I promised us both I wouldn't ever do that again.” Brian replies.
  • “I think this is childish. I never seen you act like this before. I do want to know how your feeling, I care how your feeling. We never fought, we just discussed things. We leaned on each other, I don't want to lose that.” Elizabeth says.
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