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Chapter 293 Tip Toeing.

  • Brian wants to try to keep some regularity in his son’s life. Before all this started, he would go pick him up from school, When he could, then they would go home and have dinner as a family. When Brian couldn’t pick him up, Elizabeth would do it. Just today, he wanted to talk to his son, and he wanted to pick him up. Missing him the few days he was away.
  • Brian leaves the office taking some case files with him to work on while he is in Wisconsin. He figures he could work while he is there. He grabs his coat and heads out of his office to his car and straight to the school picking up Tyler. Very happy to see him.
  • “Hey son, How was school?” Brian asks.
  • “It was OK,” Tyler says.
  • “I hope you enjoyed being with your grandparents?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, we talked about mom. Grandmom was pretty upset, but she liked that I was there. It made her feel like part of mom was with her, she said.” Tyler answers.
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