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Chapter 291 Flaming Mad.

  • Brian goes to his office flaming mad, just trying not to show Elizabeth just how pissed off he is at the moment. He knew if he stuck around her long enough, he would say or do something he might not be able to come back from. So he figured, to go be alone. Things were enough on edge without adding more to the flame. He was already in the hot seat for Victoria He didn't need to blow up about Ethan and say something cruel, he knew it was just a matter of time. He also sits there stewing and calls his brother Sean. Needing someone to vent to that would listen and wouldn't take offense.
  • “Hey, what's up? Things better than the other night?” Sean asks.
  • “Fuck no, God damn Ethan is in the picture again. That fucker always shows up at the wrong time. I swear, he knows just when to show up and add shit to what is already going on. It's like he calculates just when to show up.” Brian shouts.
  • “Wow, I can see you still like him very much.” Sean laughs. “Seriously what does he want now?” Sean asks.
  • “He called Elizabeth up, telling her that he sold their house. God knows what else he said because she said she wants to go say “Goodbye” to it. I bet he put her on a guilt trip. Making her feel bad for just leaving that fucking place and everything in it.” Brian replies.
  • “I do have to say its great timing,” Sean says sarcastically. “But, I am also sure, that when Victoria did things, Elizabeth felt the same way you do now. When you called her to go take Tyler to the hospital, I am sure she did it. Without any huffing.” Sean responds.
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