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Chapter 290 Here We Go Again.

  • Elizabeth, Zach and Brian head out in his car to get some dinner. Both feeling happy, enjoying their time together. It was feeling a little bit back to normal. Like they were before, Brian figuring out who his father was and mainly before Victoria's death.
  • They both settle on Sushi for dinner, going to a cute small New York Sushi restaurant. One they been to before and loved. They sit down at the table putting Zach in a high chair, so he can be part of this as well. As they wait for their food, Elizabeth feeds him his own. So he will be full and happy while they eat theirs.
  • “So did you have a nice day in the city?” Brian asks.
  • “Yes, I loved it. It reminded me a lot like when we were traveling together. Going here and there. I loved seeing the places we have been to. I think when we have to tour for the last time, we should make the best out of it. It was the best time of our lives the first time we did it together..” Elizabeth states.
  • “I think so too. It will be nice to get away with you. Just me and you.” Brian answers putting his hand on her thigh.
  • “It won’t be for a while, which in a way is good. It will give Zach a chance to be a little bit older. I do still hate leaving him, but at the same time, I want to take advantage of the situation. I want to bring back the romance, the heat.” Elizabeth says. Putting her hand on his.
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