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Chapter 289 Matt.

  • Elizabeth spends the afternoon in New York, doing some shopping, and looking around. She needed a change of pace. It was nice going into the stores and able to buy herself anything she wanted. It felt empowering. On her travels she even picks up somethings for Brian, thinking about him which brings a smile to her face. Just like it used to. Seeing the restaurant, they ate at for the first time together. It just brings back all the good memories they have together. She wants it to go back to that, not being in a relationship with fights, fear, and resentment. She knew that would only lead to the same path as before.
  • Elizabeth 3:39 I just walked by the pub we ate at for the first time together. It made me smile. I miss you. I hope the rest of your day is going well.
  • Brian: 4:03 I see that place every day and smile. Remembering how I felt sitting near you, having feelings I couldn’t explain or share at the time. I miss you as well babe. My Afternoon is ok, I am getting some paperwork done. I hope you're enjoying your shopping.
  • Elizabeth: 4:08 I am enjoying my shopping, I picked up some things for you as well. How about if I pick you up for dinner? I felt the same as you did, I just wasn’t sure to say anything or not. Things were so complicated then.
  • Brian: 4:11 Give me an hour and come get me. I think dinner is a great idea. Sadly our relationship is always complicated, but at least now we are together. Hmm, Picked up some goodies for me too? I can’t wait to see, babe. This reminds me of how great we are together.
  • Elizabeth: 4:15 It reminds me to. I don’t want to lose this or you.
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