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Chapter 285 Doubting Him.

  • Elizabeth tries to keep herself busy all day, trying not to think about everything the Detective said to her. Was it just to see how she would react? To see if she was jealous enough to kill Victoria? Was he baiting her? Or was it true? She knew she wasn’t the one to kill Victoria, even though there were times she would have loved to.
  • She wasn't that kind of person. She also knew deep down it wasn’t Brian, he would never do something like that, but when it came to cheating with Victoria, that's where Elizabeth had her doubts. She knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help herself. It was something that always seemed to come up in their relationship. She hated that she doubted him, but sadly with everyone whispering in her ear, she was.
  • She spends the day cleaning around and spending time with little Zach. He was at the moment, the one and only thing bringing her any happiness. He was her everything. The one-piece of this situation that she would never regret. She looks at him and just smiles, seeing the best parts of her and Brian.
  • She sits him in the highchair as she gets the chicken and potatoes ready for dinner that evening. Not sure if she was looking forward to Brian coming home or not. It was the first time ever in their relationship that she felt that way. She always couldn’t wait for him to walk through the door and to be with him. Just right now, she was still fuming over yesterday and today. Not looking forward to fighting or the resentment she was feeling thanks to Victoria.
  • Brian, on the other hand, is busy with work. Not able to even text her throughout the day, like he normally does. He thinks about what happened yesterday and knows its another strain on their relationship. One he needs to make Elizabeth believe, he is hers and only hers. Just at the moment, he is tired and is feeling she should trust him by now. Yet, at the same time, he sees why she doesn’t. It was all bullshit to him. He gathers up his suitcase, jacket and grabs his phone to text her finally at the end of the day. Hoping things were blowing over.
  • Brain: 5:10 Hey babe, I know I am running a little late but I am finally on my way home. I am sorry, I haven’t messaged you at all today. It’s been crazy! How are you and your day?
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